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Turn your untapped goldmine of shoulda-been-hits into an income stream

A music streaming app for your “hidden gem” demos or masters, whether known/released or not, or demos of well known songs. At no cost to you.

Songwriters are
getting f#*&^d!

Songwriters are getting beaten up daily in a digital world where CDs and downloads are history and streaming pays songwriters next to nothing.

The qWaqq Solution

70% of every qWaqq dollar earned will be paid to songwriters and publishers, in stark contrast to the pennies on the dollar model which has been in place since the invention of streaming music.

What do songwriters think of qWaqq?

Allan Rich

Multiple Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominations; Whitney "Run To You" from "The Bodyguard"

"Just being on the qWaqq site makes me happy! It's like a sunny day in California. It's bright, fun and easy. And then when you read through it and realize what a "win win" situation it is for songwriters and what an amazing opportunity it is to get some of your undiscovered gems heard and hopefully monetized, it really makes you smile! It truly is something to "qWaqq about".”

Andy Goldmark

20 top ten hits around the world with over 100 million unit sales for songs like "Soul Provider, "Crush", "You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)" and "By The Time This Night Is Over"

"At last with qWaqq we have an online community and platform dedicated to songwriters that fully shows who we are and what we do! It's brilliant and I think it serves to equally entertain and educate on many levels. A big thank you to qWaqq for welcoming all songwriters and ALL of our songs!"

J. Ralph

2 time Oscar® nominated composer & music producer of Man On Wire, The Cove, Chasing Ice, Racing Extinction

“qWaqq is a game changer for songwriters wanting to get their songs out into the world.”

Michael Jay

Eminem, Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue, Gloria Estefan

"The new qWaqq app is a songwriter's dream. It gives songwriters an artistic platform for all our great unsung gems."

Steve Dorff

Kenny Rogers “Through The Years”, Anne Murray “I Just Fall In Love Again”, Whitney, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand

“qWaqq can be a groundbreaking tool for anyone who is looking for those Hidden Gem, never recorded songs, written by amazing songwriters with proven track records, or for that person who's just looking for great new music to listen to.”

Stephen Bishop

Beyonce, “Save It For a Rainy Day”, “On and On”, Oscar nomination for “Separate Lives”, Barbra Streisand

“Leave it up to a Songwriter to do something for fellow Songwriters. qWaqq is a clever idea benefiting the music lovers who get to listen to these rare demos and also paying back to the owners of these demos.”

Robin Lerner

CMA Song of the Year & Grammy nominated Faith Hill's, "This Kiss", Tim McGraw - "She's My Kind of Rain", Randy Travis "Out of my Bones", Backstreet Boys, "Safest Place to Hide"

“As songwriters, we write and record hundreds of songs that never see the light of day. They live in utero - incubating in the drawer - waiting to be born. qWaqq gives us the opportunity to share with other songwriters and the larger world, this underserved material. Yay!”

70% of every qWaqq dollar earned will be paid to songwriters and publishers.

We’re in this together.

Songwriters are the new invisible men. No one knows we even exist. We are not credited on streaming services.

qWaqq is on a mission to change that: to empower songwriters and reveal the songwriting wizards behind the curtain. Unlike other streaming sites, our job AND our passion is to shine spotlights on ALL great writers and artist/writers – established and unknown, with hits and track records or without. It’s a new songwriting community.

We want to give songwriters some very needed recognition and respect, branding - and a new income stream.

How qWaqq Works

The streaming music platform where songwriters are the stars.

  • 1


    Upload your content in the qWaqq songwriter dashboard.

  • 2

    Get Fans.

    Fans tune in on the music streaming app

  • 3


    Receive payment based on your plays.


You, your collaborators and your publishers always own 100% of your music content.


Yeah, it’s a lot to take in. Here are some of the finer details:

  • 1. In general: what are the purposes of this website and how does it relate to the qWaqq app?

    The goals of this website are a)to tell the songwriting and publishing community and music lovers in general a little something about qWaqq and why we think it’s such a positive thing for everyone; and b)to collect your “hidden gems" - demos of unknown songs, and demo versions of known songs/hits - and information about you and the songs on the “Content Submission" section of the website, which you can access by simply clicking "Signup" on this page. You will then be able to upload your content directly to us. This content will then be made available on the qWaqq iPhone app, now available for download at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qwaqq-music-app-for-hidden/id1126378908.

  • 2. Will people be able to stream my songs on this website?

    No. You will be able to access your own material, for purposes of providing information about it. The general public will be able to stream your songs on the mobile app.

  • 3. How is qWaqq different from all the other streaming services?

    The other music streaming sites have lots of great material. But with rare exceptions they don’t have what we have: those “hidden gems” demos which never got recorded and released by artists and are currently sitting in old dusty boxes in your garage. No one had thought about streaming them direct to music lovers. We did – and we think music lovers will love ‘em.

  • 4. How does qWaqq benefit me?

    Songwriters are getting killed in the digital world. They need new ways to monetize what they do! qWaqq creates a new income stream from an already existing asset which is currently not making any money for anyone – your demos. In addition, we pay you (and other copyright owners) 70% of every dollar of revenue we earn - a much higher rate than the other music streaming services, which pay the vast majority of their royalties to labels and artists. Finally, qWaqq gives songwriters a little bit of much needed respect and empowerment and as a result will lead to various branding opportunities. The public doesn’t know that songwriters exist. qWaqq shows them as the wizards behind the curtain, just as important to the songs we all know and love as the performers themselves.

  • 5. Does it cost anything? Do I give up any rights?

    Nope. Nada. Just send us your songs and we’ll do the rest.

  • 6. How do I submit my songs and information?

    Simple! Just click on any “Signup” or "Songwriter Signup" button on this page and get going! Have fun!

  • 7. Why do you want information about me and my songs?

    We want your “metadata”: bios, pictures – especially with artists, in the studio, etc. – “war stories” about the music biz and the creation of a song, short videos, info about your songs – lyrics, genre, category/mood, tempo, date written – and anything else you can think of. The more stuff you send us, the more signposts we can give users to help them discover and have fun with you and your material... and the more money you will make.
    We want "payee" information about you, and contact information for your writer and publisher buddies, so we can pay all of you! And btw if you're having trouble remembering some of this stuff - "gee who did I write this song with?"- you can find a lot of it on the BMI, ASCAP or SESAC list of your catalogue and/or from your publisher.

  • 8. Should I submit songs recorded by artists and owned by outside (ie. major) record labels?

    No. By all means list those songs on the "Credits" page of the content submission section of this site (after "logging in") – we want people to know you wrote them and your "Credits" are a VERY important way app users will be able to search for you. Please also submit demo versions of songs later recorded by artists so music lovers can compare these "before" versions "the way the songwriters wrote them" with snippets of the final artist versions. But do not upload any versions of songs recorded by artists (other than yourself) and owned by those artists and/or their record labels. We will not have licenses to play those releases (except for the snippets), and in any event they are readily available on other music streaming services.

  • 9. What if there are other writers with other publishers on a song?

    If like most songwriters you are the collaborative type we realize it would be impossible for you or us to contact the various other writers and publishers on your many great songs. Please submit them anyway! We believe qWaqq is a no-lose proposition for everyone in the music copyright community, because it creates a new income stream from demos that are currently not making any money for anyone, and at no cost to you. It’s hard for us to imagine why any writer wouldn’t want his demos on the app. Of course we want and will do our best to ensure that all your collaborators are credited and paid properly, a task you can help us with by providing as much credit information about the songs as possible.

  • 10. Can I take down the songs I post? Add songs? Edit and/or update my content?

    A writer who makes a song “Live” on the app can also choose to make it “Private”, ie. “take it down”, at any time! If a cowriter on the song would prefer that it not be Live on the app, he/she needs only to reach out to the writer who posted it or contact qWaqq directly to resolve the situation. Re adding songs/editing and updating content: of course! Come and go as you please, and please do so a lot!

  • 11. What if I’m a songwriter/artist?

    Great! Even if your songs are not “hidden gem demos” which were intended for artists other than yourself to record and release, you and they are welcome on qWaqq, as long as you (and not an outside label) own the recordings. (For more on this subject, Log In to the Content Submission of this site and see the “Writer Agreement").

  • 12. Any downside for me?

    Not that we can think of.
    qWaqq doesn’t cost you anything - the “Hidden Gem” demos and any other music we will be streaming all exist already and are owned by the writers and publishers providing them. Right now all those great songs are not making you any money....they’re just wasting away. We think we can find ways for them to make lots of money for you. Can’t hurt to let us try.

  • 13. How do my collaborators and I get paid? How about our publishers (or administrators)?

    The million dollar question...let’s hope. :) Here’s how it will work. Out of every $1 we earn, we will pay the writers and publishers/administrators on qWaqq $.70 in royalties, not just the few pennies other streaming services pay song copyright owners. We will deduct only costs for third party collection and distribution of, and other costs relating to, these royalties (for example by the performing rights organizations), and any customary reserves (e.g. for third party claims). In other words – you essentially get $.70 of every revenue dollar right off the top, and qWaqq pays for virtually all other costs of setting up and running our service out of our $.30 per dollar share.
    Payments will be made based on each song’s pro rata share of streaming on the service. 50% of such payments will be in performance and mechanical royalties attributable to the song itself. The other 50% will be attributable to the sound recording, ie. the demo.
    Btw qWaqq is taking on the obligation to make payments directly to each writer and publisher/administrator on each song. In other words: no one writer or publisher/administrator will receive an "overall" payment of royalties stemming from streams of the song and then be expected to divide up that amount and pay all other cowriters, publishers etc. That would be too much work for you guys!

  • 14. How does qWaqq make money and where do the revenues come from?

    We take $.30 out of every dollar of revenue we earn, and plow it back into the company to find bigger and better ways to make money for you. Initially all revenue will come from advertising, while the qWaqq app gets a little "traction" and music lovers discover and spread the word about it. Down the road we are planning to create a premium plan for users. Remember even Apple Music couldn't go premium without giving their users a "free trial period" of three months! - and they're one of the biggest brands in the world.

  • 15. What about demo singers?

    As we all know, every business arrangmement for every demo is different. If you believe a singer or anyone else who worked on a demo deserves some share of the sound recording royalties generated by its streaming on qWaqq, feel free to work out an arrangement with such person(s). If you want qWaqq to pay them directly, just let us know.

  • 16. How will I know when the qWaqq mobile app is up and running?

    The qWaqq iPhone app is up and running right now! It's available for download at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qwaqq-music-app-for-hidden/id1126378908.

  • 17. How can I help myself on qWaqq?

    Give us lots and lots of songs, and lots of information about you and them, for music lovers to discover and enjoy.
    Just as importantly: TELL EVERYONE - family, friends, the mailman! - about qWaqq and the qWaqq app, now available for download at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qwaqq-music-app-for-hidden/id1126378908. And use it yourself. The more people use the app, the more money it will generate for you.

    If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out for us at: info@qwaqq.com.

  • 18. Will qWaqq be a "radio" type streaming app like Pandora, or will it be more like Spotify, where music lovers can pick and choose the songs they want to hear?

    Like Spotify, qWaqq will be an "interactive streaming" app where users can choose the songs they want to hear and also create various types of playlists.

  • 19. Are there any requirements for me to join qWaqq as a songwriter?

    qWaqq welcomes all professional songwriters. Our sole requirement is that you be a member of a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) such as BMI or ASCAP. If not, unfortunately you won’t be able to join qWaqq – sorry!

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But we’re getting killed out there! CDs and downloads...

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