Does your catalogue have an untapped goldmine of “hidden gem” demos of songs not recorded or released by artists…
the number ones that got away?

These hidden gems are sitting in old boxes in garages gathering dust and not making any money for anyone!

The qWaqq Solution

Turn your hidden gem demos into an income stream, paid out at much higher royalty rates than other streaming services, and at no cost to you or your songwriters. And give your songwriters a little “rock star” branding as well!

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What makes qWaqq different?

  • qWaqq has hidden gem demos which are not generally available anywhere else.
  • qWaqq monetizes this already existing content at no cost to you or your writers and pays significantly higher royalty rates to songwriters and publishers.
  • We help music lovers discover new music they didn’t know about and couldn’t hear before.
  • No other streaming platform uses songwriters for discovery.
  • qWaqq empowers songwriters and shines a light on their pivotal role in the creative process.

Interested in dusting off the hidden gems in your collection?

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