The songwriter’s dilemma.

A message from our founder, Jud Friedman.

“We’re getting killed out there!”

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As a 6-time Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated hit songwriter, music has been the biggest and most joyous part of my life other than my family. I love songs. And I love songwriters.

But we’re getting killed out there! CDs and downloads are history. And streaming pays us next to nothing.

Songwriters are the new invisible men. No one even knows we exist. Most people have no idea that the vast majority of their favorite songs were written at least in part by writers other than the artists who sing them.

qWaqq is on a mission to change all that. We have created a new income stream for songwriters and music publishers based on already existing assets: the writers’ “hidden gem” demos, which are sitting in old boxes in garages gathering dust and not making any money for anyone!

Moreover, we will pay 70% of all our revenues to songwriters and music publishers. While other streaming services like Spotify also pay out around 70% of their revenues, almost all such amounts go to labels and artists. Only a few pennies on the dollar trickle down to the creators and owners of the songs themselves.

Finally, qWaqq will reveal the songwriting wizards behind the curtain, the unsung heroes behind the hits. We aim to give songwriters some very needed recognition, respect and branding.

Simply put – qWaqq is a no-brainer for all songwriters on many levels.

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Jud Friedman - CEO/Founder

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